Peut être cela,  mais je t'encourage à compléter.
One of my passions is horses and horseriding. Unfortunately , my parents don't agree with me on that. Yet , I have always been attracted by these animals . I find them beautiful and intelligent .They are man's best conquest , aren't they ? I'd like to join a club and have riding lessons every week . But my parents say they can't afford paying for the equipment and lessons: they also add it can be a dangerous and snobbish sport ! I should be happy with what I do .I'll ride a horse when I can pay ..I won't drop this dream .
C'est bon ca? :) One of my passions is a video-game. Unfortunately , my parents don't all agree with me on that. Yet , I have always been attracted by these . I find that it cool and so funny . It's my favorite passe-time ! But, i don't play it always, before it's school for me and after it's a game. An another passions : the karaté. Is this a sport of the martial art, but it have there with respect to respect to his enemies in the combat. I will remake this very soon ! I'm very pressing to re-g