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MolièreJean- Baptiste Poquelin , known by His internship name Molière , Baptized January 15, 1622 - February 17, 1673 ) Was a French playwright and actor Who is Considered to be one of the greatest masters of comedy in Western literature. Among Molière 's best -known works are The (The School for Wives ) Misanthrope (The Misanthrope ) , L' Ecole des Femmes , Tartuffe or The Impostor ( Tartuffe or the Hypocrite ) , L'Avare ( The Miser ) , Le Malade Imaginaire ( The Imaginary Invalid ) , and Le Bourgeois Gentilhomme (The Bourgeois Gentleman ) .II) Origin of the handMolière was inspired by a comedy of Plautus , La Marmite ( Auluria ) whose character Scrooge is a direct result . As in Plautus , Scrooge is a miser who suspects everyone , who is interested only in the dot when it comes to marry his daughter , and who claims his despair when he discovers that stole her money. The room is also heavily influenced by the Italian theater , and in particular the commedia dell'arte that Molière knew very well. This improvisational theater provides a great place to scenes of farce (character caricatures , insults and blows ) found repeatedly in L'Avare .The room has two sentimental intrigues , one between Valere and Elise , the other between Cleanthes and Marianne . Disguise the lover servant to bring his beautiful is a common process in the romantic comedy .III) Louis de Funès and The MiserLouis de Funès was in. 31 July 1914 and he died 27 January 1983. Louis Germain David de Funès Galarza , Was a popular French actor of Spanish origin and one of the giants of French comedy Alongside André Bourvil and Fernandel . His acting style is remembered for icts high energy performance , Wide range of facial expressions and Engaging , snappy impatience and selfishness . He Realized a lot of movies , 140. His first movie is " Ah , beautiful mustache " in 1953.L'Avare is a French comedy movie form in 1980 , directed by Louis de Funès and Jean Girault , written by Louis de Funès and Jean Girault , and starring by Louis de Funès . The English title of the movie is The Miser . It's an adaptation of Molière 's famous comedy " Gold Miser School of lies." De Funès tried to draw out the unhappy side of the character .Scrooge , unloved by humanity , is driven to an obsessive love of money .IV) CharactersHAR , father Cléante and Elise, and lover of Marianne (Louis de Funès )CLEANTE son of Scrooge lover Marianne . ( David Frank )ELISE , daughter of Scrooge , lover Valere . ( Claire Dupray )VALÈRE , son of Anselm and lover Elise. ( Hervé Bellon )MARIANE , Cléante lover and beloved Scrooge . (Anne Caudry )Anselm , father of Valerius and Marianne . (George Audoubert )FROSINE woman intrigue. ( Claude Gensac )MASTER SIMON broker . (Max Montavon )MASTER JACQUES , cook and coachman Scrooge . ( Michel Galabru )ARROW , valet Cléante . (Bernard Menez )LADY CLAUDE , servant of Scrooge . ( Micheline Bourday )Brindavoine THE HAKE , lackeys Scrooge . (Guy Grosso and Michel Modo )THE COMMISSIONER AND CLERK . (Henri and Pierre Génès Aussedat )V ) SynopsisScrooge , a wealthy widower , lives with his children, Elise and Cleanthes . Miserly in the extreme, he buried in his garden , full of golden casket and his entourage suspected perpetually want to steal it . He wants his children to realize beautiful weddings and money for himself, considering a project that second weddings should cost him nothing . It is known that Cléante love Marianne , the young woman of modest Harpagon intends to marry, and Elise loves Valere , the steward of the house. Both dare not confess their love to their father. But time is short. This is the same evening Harpagon is about to sign a marriage contract .VI) Analysis of the movien The Miser , Molière combines records from the comic sometimes coarser as in the scene with La Flèche, tragic monologue Scrooge after the discovery of the theft of the tape. L'Avare is in the forms of own in the seventeenth century social criticism. It is especially to expose through the society of the time through " characters " -type people supposed to embody a vice, a bad behavior for the whole society or a human ridicule. Through Scrooge , Molière denounces the practice of usury , weddings girls decided by the fathers according to the dowry, family tragedies arising from greed and selfishness of a tyrannical father, the tricks that children are forced to have a social life ( as Cleanthes must borrow secretly for not living in poverty, or as Valere must disguise themselves to approach Elise ) .VII ) Success of the two works and impressionsIn five weeks , 407,014 entries Paris . In five weeks , 2,433,452 entries nationwide.This comedy in five acts and in prose, created at the Palais -Royal September 9, 1668 , has two sets of representations in its novelty nine until October 7, twelve between 14 December and 22 January following . The average revenue per performance is a little over 500 pounds, which indicates a moderate success. j'epere t'avoir aidé(e)
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