Niveau 3 ème traduire, et faire l'ex en photo svp:
it had snowed since yesterday night when he arrived
il ne travaille pas le samedi
pendant des années elle a habité ici
how long have they had their house ? for seven years
she had just parked her car when it started raining
le golfeur professionnelle travaille avec la NCREC depuis 6 mois
while he was watching tv what was she doing
cela fait des heures qu'il attend
when his dog died it had been ill for years
she lost her ned watch a few days ago
pendant ses vacances aux usa elle a visité mahattan
ou veut-elle aller ? qui va avec elle ?



Meilleure réponse !
Il avait neigé depuis la nuit dernière quand il arriva
he doen't work on saturdayS
she lived here for years
depuis combien de temps ont ils leur maison? Depuis sept années
elle venait de garer sa voiture quand il s'est mis à pleuvoir
the professional g has been working with the NCERC for six months
pendant qu'il regardait la TV que faisait elle?
Quand son chien mourut, il avait été malade depuis des années
elle a perdu sa montre il y a quelques jours
she visited Manhattan during her vacations( holidays) in the USA
where does she want to go? Who  is going  with her? ( pas sûre!)


they have known each other for years and years

they had been married for five years when I met them

how long have you been playing theviolin? I have been playing since 1973

we have had that television set for many years. I think we bought it in 1970

yesterday when I went back home, it was raining

we used to be happy in those days.Things have changed

how long had you been living in the states when you went

we have been travelling in Germany for a month

he has been sleeping for a quater of an hour

I have been tired....since...the last few weeks

I had been in the roon sine 10 oclock...

I met her in the street... ago