Introduire : " were / was(n't) allowed to " ,"had to " , "were / was(n't) able to", "would" , "could" et "used to" ( Au moins une fois dans ce texte) (Si vous n'y arrivez pas , vous pouvez rajoutez des phrases ou il en contient)

I introduce myself, my name is Mounia and I will talk about Rosa Parks Association which I am the founder. This association opposes racial inequalities.
Indeed,I want to help people who are victims of discrimination racial in reference to
the story of Rosa Parks who me much interested. Racial discrimination includes
all unequal treatment, remarks or acts of violence which have as a consequence
of lower people because of their ethnicity, their nationality or their religion

Besides a young woman already contacted me to tell me
that she was victim during a job interview. Consequently the difficulties
encountered by these people are that they can be treated in a degrading manner
due to their cultural characteristics (language) or physical (skin color, the
features of the face...).
Discrimination occurs morein the job search or a search of housing. One victim may unfairly target police. I urge all the people victim of racism to contact associations such as mine or SOS Racism.
I also report them theycan make a complaint, make petitions, that is to say talking with journalists to boycott the space or place where there has been racism. I am often asked what I think of the anonymous résumé. I answer that it could bring.I think that at this pointthe rate of racism should widely with the features that we have implemented.
However, there are still headwinds but, together, we will succeed in changing




Meilleure réponse !
I want to help people who are victims of racial discrimination ( adj devant)

Rosa Park for whom I have a great interest

au lieu de dire of lower people dis plutot  of dicriminating people for their race , colour or nationality
 besides a young lady has already contacted me 
a victim may unfairly be the target of the police

au lieu de dire to make a complain , dis plutot  ; to complain 

pour used to tu pourrais dire In the sixties black peole used to sit in the back of buses and they had to give their seat if a white person wanted to sit down
the blacks weren't allowed to go to the same cinemas nor to the same restaurants
ai je compris ce que tu demandais ou pas du tout?
Merci infiniment ! :)
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