Bonjour, je passe mon oral d'anglais mercredi, et j'aimerai bien qu'il n'y ait pas de fautes... pourriez vous les corriger svp ( elles doivent être nombreuses ...^^) Merci !

going to talk about the notion places and forms of power. It's a very
intersting notion wich treats about many topics. That can deal of The
places of institutions or the power in the history. But i prefer talk
about a current theme , the power of the image into our society.
Indeed, our society Gives more and more importance to the apparences.
Thus We can wonder in what our image is a forms of power today.

the image is very important in our society. Our
society attaches too much importance
to cult of the body, the appearance, the beauty etc.. We just look
the appearance, whitout want to know the inner beauty.

women refer to what they see in the magazines, the TV and the fashion
shows. The society imposes us a kind of very special beauty. Indeed,
now The models who parade are tall and thin.

one of the main preocupations in our society is the cult of the body,
What implies a kind of ban of obesity and And also the overweight. In
fashion show, we can see scrawny girls, who in spite of their age use
the same size of pants as a 14-year-old girl and we will never see a
big girl on a catwalk. And we have studied this year the case of
Carla trujillo, a spanish model, who was excluded of the fashionweek
of Madrid because she made a size 44.

also contribute to this cult. The pictures are modified in a way that
the models appear the thinest possible. With the help of software,
like photoshop, The professionals can change the model's size, remove
the defects, thin her, the colour of the skin... Because of that,
girls want look like them, and for that they make diets, And some of
them become anorexic, and it's why it's dangerous. According to a
investigation realized in 2002 with girls between 11 and 13 years
old, there is 24% who say made a diet to lose weight, and 40% was
already slim. These answers are worrying
, because she give a lot of importance to their weight, even before
the adolescence

have to point out the fact that what we see in the magazines is not
the reality.

not only in the magazines, it's in the TV too, with the presenters,
they have to be beautiful too.

resume, today, our society give a lot of importance about the
apparences, the beauty, the The clothing style, and because of that,
nowadays people can't stop think 'what they will say or think about
that » I thing that the women with generous curves are more
beautiful than the skinny models. Thus i want to say to all the girls
not to change what they are. Real women have Sensual forms. So, the
cult of the image can be bad, thus I think that it is important to
raise public awareness especially the young people.



That can deal WITH/  but I prefer TO talk/ we can wonder HOW our image is a form ( sans S)
to THE cult of the body

Beauty ( ici le the n'est pas necessaire c' abstrait)
we just look AT the appearance WITHOUT KWOWING THE INNER BEAUTY

SOCIETY IMPOSES (pas de THE devant society)

la phrase what implies ne comprends pas ce que tu as voulu dire

the girls want TO look like them

they go on dangerous diets ( pas make)

24 % who say they' ve been on diet to lose weight ( pas made!)

because THEY give too much importance ( pas SHe) car tu parles de plusieurs jeunes filles

it's ON tv ( pas in)

can't stop THINKING about what others will say about them

especially THE YOUNG  ou bien especially YOUNG PEOPLE
jE TE m;;;;POUR mercredi MAIS CELA VA BIEN SE PASSER§!!!! Croisons les doigts
Noussa30 j'ai voulu dire "ce qui implique une sorte d'interdiction de l'obésité et du surpoids"
CE QUI IMPLIQUES= which implies an interdiction of obesity and overweight