A) In 1524, The place where NY is located was dicovered by Giovanni da Verrazano.
B) In the 16th century, the area where NY is now situated was occupied by the Algonquins.
C)In 1624,a trading post (named New Amsterdam) on the island of Manhattan was established by the west Indian Compagny.
D) In 1626, the island for a small sum of money was bought by the settlement's first governor.
E)In 1664, New Amsterdam NY after they seized the city was renamed by the English.
F) In 1783, the City after the end of the hostilities with the English was took by Georges Washington.
d) In 1626, the island was bought for a small sum of money by the settlement's first governor pour moi le e) ya un truc qui cloche; si New York avait été souligné ça aurait été plus cohérent : New York was renamed New Amsterdam by the English after they seized...???? f) the city was TAKEN by George Washington
e) : New Amsterdam was renaimed New York by the English after they seized the city in 1664 (dslé pr tt à l'heure)