Donc voilà j'aimerai qu'on maide il faut que je fasse un dialogue entre un directeur et une persone qui postule pour un magasins de sport il faut que je dise mes motivations ce que je suis prêt a faire ma personnalité ce que je devrai faire jdois poser des questions .....

Sport shop:

£6 an hour

2twenty minute breaks + lunch break 1pm 2pm

Saturdays 9a.m 4p.m

stocking cleaning helping customers



-Hello, I'm looking for a job as seller in a sports shop.
-Hello, I'm mister X the manager, can you first introduce your self?
-Sure, my name is *** I'm 18 and looking for a job to finance my studies.I am a student in law school, and I would like to be a lawyer. I'm determined, hard-working and brave!
-Awesome! The job is paid £6 an hour, you've got 20 minutes break and a lunch break from 1pm until 2pm.
I'm just looking for someone the Saturdays from 9am to 4pm. If you accept you will stock, clean and help costumers. This job need someone really brave, are you ready to complete the challenge?
-For sure, sounds perfect!
-Cool then, see you on Saturday!
Aimes tu le contact avec les clients ?
Voila jvoudrai savoir comment on dis tous sa :)
twice per week-> 2x par semaine
newspaper dealing -> distribution journaux
Do you mind working on Sundays? Do you like being in contact with customers ?