Pour demain svp
bon voila je doit faire un dialogue pour m’excuse d'avoir casser un mp3 en anglais
le dialogue doit contenir :
B: look at my mp3 player ! i can't believe it doesnt work any more !
A: i know i'm really sorry but it's not my fault

A: Hi ! can you answer me what is happened with my mp3?


A: Hi! Can you answer me what is happen with my mp3 ?
B: I really don't know maybe my brother broke it down
A : your brother ! I didn't let it for your brother who has only ten years , but I let it for you .
B: I know I am really sorry about that , but it is not my fault
A: Oh Really ! So who is the responsible , me ?
B: Absolutely no , I just let it for a few minutes on the table , and when i come back , I saw it with my brother
A: you know that it doesn't work anymore !
B: I'm so sorry about that !
A: how can I forget it ? It was such as my friend , it was with me in every time and in every place .
B : without sadness , I am going to bye a new one for you .
A : Oh ! Thanks . This will be great !
pourrais tu me donner la traduction si sela te generais pas svp