URGENT : Apology letter. AIDE


-You will refer to funny or unusual or serious incidens. Not only one !! try to write a longer letter.
-Your letter will contain verbs in the preterite. (what happened)
-Your letter will contain a number of reproaches to yourself.
-Besides, you may use regrets. (I wish=if only..)
-Your letter will contain apologies.
-Your letter will contain promises.




Meilleure réponse !
J'ai fais la lettre et la ce site a efface donc je dois refaire alors attend 2 petites minutes
Dear Alice.
Dear Alice,
Dear Alice , I apologize for my behavior during the past few weeks . I'm sorry because i called you a retard . I wish that i never said that and i really wish that I could take it back . But i can't , I hope that you will forgive me because you were always my friend , even when i acted like a jerk. You are such an amazing friend and i do not want to lose you because of this situation.
I mean that's what friends do right? they forgive , trust , and believe each other . If only you could forgive me . I promise that i will never upset you again. Please accept my apology.
Sincerely , Romain