One day, as I was reading in the garden, I heard someone calling me.My parents were away, on a trip to Paris, my sister was at school and I was expecting no one of my friends because they were all busy preparing our english test for the following day. It was a bright sunday afternoo and a voice was calling my name. I looked on the rignt, then I looked on the left, no one was there. So I went on reading my book I had to finish for the next day.
And here again, my name was called once more.I stood up, my heart was beating...I went to the gate of my garden, there was no one. I went round the house but no one. I really thought I was becoming crazy....Ok I thought, It's because I'm too tired. I'd rather have a nap.I went indoors and here again I heard my name. I was getting scared and mad at the same time. Who could it be ? A ghost? Or my grand ma calling me from heaven?

I have never known , nor discovered who was the voice calling me, but when I told the story to mum, she asked me to stop reading thrillers and watching scary movies but when I insisted, she took me to the doctor's!