Les amis svp de l'aide , je ne suis pas du tou bonne en anglais et merci pour ceux qui m'aide .

Il faut faire un genre de rédaction , avec dedans une phrase d'introduction ; what sport do you like to practise ? why ?(il faut repondre en anglais ); what sport do you like to watch? why ? ( répondre en anglais ); do you think sport is important for young people ? why ? ( repondre en anglais) ; et une conclusion . Dans cette rédaction il faut tout ça .

il faut faire 10 à 15 lignes et le sport c'est du volleyball .

merci pour ceux qui in la volonté de m aider .
Thank you

encore plus d'aide, je vous en prie


Meilleure réponse !
I like practise volleyball because is a team sport
i like watching volleyball because is attractive
the volleyball is a important sport for young people because it is a team sport that is not reserved only boy's
i like a volleyball because this is a team sport that not reserved only boy's
desoler il n'y a pas 10 ligne mais c deka sa
I love to practice volleyball because it clears my mind, it gives me a rush and i feel happy playing with a team of people I like.
I love watching volleyball on TV because i found it interesting, there is so much action during a match and it is very intense, i also love watching this sport on TV  because i want to be like those volleyball players one day. Sport is very important for young people, especially teenagers because it keeps them healthy,     it is the most important way of burning energy.
In the end, physical activity is very important and I think volleyball is the most fun way of burning energy while having fun.