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1) I must to respect the rules(rulers) of life of the middle school(college).
2) I musn't to line up silently before entering class.
3) I must to wait for the authorization of the professor to sit(base) me.
4) I musn't to arrive late.
5) I must to justify my absences.
6) I musn't have to interrupt.
7) I must to raise the hand to speak.
8) I must to listen to and respect the others.
9) I can help my companions.

Voilà :-)
1. You mustn't sleep in class.
2. You mustn't eat in class.
3. You must raise your hand to speak.
4. You must listen to the teacher.
5. You must be quiet.
6. You must say good morning. 
7. You mustn't be naughty.
8. You must share.
9. You must wait in line.
10. You mustn't run.
11. You must speak English only.