Reconstituer les phrases :

bear The as was as beast tall a. covered It red was in fur thick. sight sharp I the of a as tail caught as a knife. when I sharp long I saw gasped its, fangs. as They about as an were long encyclopedia. most I the smelled I've ever horrible smelled odor. It terrible was! as It as monkey fast a moved.

Ensuite, completer :

Nature : ..
Characters : ...
Time : ...
Place : ...
Thème : ..
(Sa se peut qu'il y en as pas)

Merci, je metterais meilleure reponse à celui qui reponds correctement.




The beast was as tall as a bear. It was covered in red thick fur. I gasped, when I saw its long sharp fangs. They were about as long as an encyclopedia. I smelled the most horrible odor I've ever smelled. It was terrible! It moved as fast as a monkey.
Merci beaucoup pourais vous m'aider pour l'exercice suivant ? Sa serait gentil ^^.