Meilleure réponse !
A little unsightly and only Australian, Mary , 8 years writing a corresponding randomly selected from a directory of New York. Max Horowitz, 44 years old, lonely Jewish , obese and suffering from Asperger syndrome respond to his letter. Their correspondence becomes more regular during the following years 
Both dark, funny and moving, with its two unforgettable characters Mary and Max, Adam Eliot gives us a moment of pure cinema rather intended to adultes.Un great film about loneliness. Beautiful, intelligent, intriguing, the film makes us think and gives us a great lesson in life, as it is poignant it makes us laugh and have fun. Tears up quickly in our eyes seeing this friendship so poignant. Who would think that a movie animation would take to heart. The film lasts 90 minutes but seems short, there telement intrigue! The times are getting harder or is there attent the least! The author makes you can not imagine the end. It is upon us!