Anglais :
Complète ces phrases en exprimant au futur soit la possibilité,soit l'obligation.

1. I ... Do or myself. I'm really too busy.
2. We ... Hire a care. My uncle will lend us his.
3. He ... Work harder if he whants to succed.
4. YOU ... See the queen. She's not in london.
5. I'm not sure you ... Do all that in One week.
6. He ... Go With you. He's got plenty of time.




I won't be able to do it on myself. I'm really too busy
2 we won't have to hire a car. My uncle will lend us his

3  He'll have to work harder if he wants to succeed
4 you won't be able to see the Queen.She's not in London
5 I'm sure you'll be able to do all that in one week
6 he'llbe able to go with you.He's got plenty of time