Anglais: je dois ecrire mon journal intime comme si j'étais un immigrants :je dois decrire le voyage en bateau et les
conditions de vie une fois arrivé en amerique

c'est au prétérit, il faut faire 150 mots

aidez moi s' il vous plaît je suis nul en anglais!!! :'(



Meilleure réponse !
150 mots? Je ne compterais pas mais je veux bien t'aider. :) 
I was on the boat, we were a lot of immigrants onto it, but it wasn't a problem, I was so happy to have a new life on the United States of America. When I saw that the coast was next to us, I was as happy as a child which was having a new game. 1 month later, I was so sad, it was still a bad life for me, because I was poor and my familly missed me really fast. But I couldn't complain about myself, some people were still on their country and they were refused to enter the country... I think that I'll be more happy to be there...