Je dois ecrire mon journal intime comme si j'étais un immigrants :je dois decrire le voyage en bateau et les conditions de vie une fois arrivé en amerique

c'est au prétérit, il faut faire 150 mots

aidez moi s' il vous plaît je suis nul en anglais!!! :'(



Meilleure réponse !
The voyage was rather tiring. People who had enough money could stay outside on the deck but we didn't have much and then we stayed most of the time on the down level with the others like us. It was smelling so bad for people didn't wash and some of them took off their shoes. Atre a ew days, we finally landed.Those who were wealthy enough had a quick medical check up in the boat(ship) .As for us we had to go through Ellis Island in a very large hall .It was so crowded. Women as well as children and men were queuing  waiting during ours for their turn. .The authorities asked us if we has enough money to begin with and gave a long checking to our eyes , les and arms . Those who were too skinny were returned back to the ship.They wouldn't land I thought. 
Once we passed the medical check, we landed. It seemed to me so oppressing because It was so hudge but at the same time so liberating. A new life was beiing offered to me.
I had to find a lodging but since I didn't have enough money, I rented a very tiny room with no window. The next day, I went to look for a job and I found in a laundry. .In the meantime I met a nice person .and after some weeks we decided to get married and look for a larger room. . We expected life to be less hard. 

How are we going to manage in this new land? We have first of all to look for a lodging bur we don't have enough money for that.