During the holidays, I go to the swimming pool. I go to the sea and I play in a sand.
I eat ice cream . I play to a video games. I go to a shop for buy a new clothes.  
Les verbes sont pas conjugués au bon temps, faut utiliser le preterit simple si c' est passé daté terminé
during the holidays, i went to the swiming pool.
i ate a lot of pizza.
i fell in my garden.
i used the computer everydays
Excusez moi e voulais dire racontez une des vacances avec des virgules des point , enfaite faut faire un petit texte s'il vous plait c'est urgent
while my holidays, i was with my friends,we went to the cinema before eat my hamburger . I went to the swiming pool, i stay at least 2 hours there . When i go. out of there, i ate pizzas and i went to my friends house for take their clothes of basketball. I had often the ball but we didn't win the match .