Bonjour j'ai besoin d'aide pour cet exercice d'anglais svp. C'est URGENT!

Justifie ces conseils en expliquant ce qui pourrait arriver.
a) Always put out your campfire, or dead leaves ....
b) Never write on trees, or they ...
c) Stay well back from crocodiles, or you ...
d) Don't pester koalas, or you ...

Pour dire ce qui pourrait arriver:
may/could+ BV

Ex: Animals could bite you.
You may get bitten.



Meilleure réponse !
A) Always put out your campfire or dead leaves could get close and start a fire.
b) Never write on trees or they may die.
c) Stay well back from crocodiles or you could get mauled.
d) Don't pester koalas or you may be bitten/scratched.