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Myths and heros:
Start your presentation with a definition of a hero is :
A hero is someone who wants to help the others.
There are two kinds of hero : the real heros who extisted and exists ans the fictional heros who have been invented.

Now talk about the fictional heros and their myths :
The fictional heros come from the antiquity (mythology): Achille, Ulysse,Hercule ...
or from the comics : Superman, Batman, ...
And you develop this with some heros description : what they do, how they look like, their personality.

Now talk about the real heros : 
They help their community : Nelson Mendala, Charles de Gaule, Ghandi, ...
They distinguished by their acts, their courage, their patience and their stenght of conviction. Who are them right now ? Is Barack Obama a hero ? Explain your opignon : for, against. Do heros need skills ? Yes or no. Could we become ordinary heros, what our action should be ?