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1 - The district in which is Victor is a very dirty place
( line 2: permanent dirt -     line 3 trash cans  - line 6 a  dead cat.....for the flies to eat.)

2-  What he sees is not new to him ( line 10 and 11: he had seen these scenes lots of time before)

3 -It suddenly makes him feel bothered about theses scenes ( line 13 to day it bothered him)

4- The time of the year is summer ( lines14 15 16 17: ice truck,  hot day, his undershirt
    stuck to his flesh,  the sweating customers)

5 - Victor's job consists of selling ice to customers during the hot times( line 14 ice truck
      line 23   the customers cursed the iceman for being so slow

6 - All the people ( the customers) are waiting for Victor the iceman to sell the ice( they screamed for service...line 20 to 24)

7 -As Victor was climbing the stairs of one building, he slipped on an empty wine bottle and fell ( line 30, 31)the ice hurt his head and his ears which caused blood ( line 31 32 33)

8 - As he reaches the top landing, his whome body began to tremble

9  -  Suddenly he decides to trow the blocks of ice down the stairs and to leave the whole thing ang go away.

10 - I would give this passage the following title:  I 'll do it my own choice
NON 0 CHAQUE FOIS J AI REPONDU AUX QUESTIONS ET ENTRE PARENTHESES J'ai mis les réferences. C la première fois que tu fais ce genre de devoir? En quelle classe es tu?
bah c'est que en langlais je suis pas tres doue et avec la prof que jai voila c'est pas ce qui va me remonte mon niveau
en tout cas avec ce devoir, ta note va remonter j'en suis sûre et ACCROCHE toi!
merci c'est vraiment gentil :)