exercice 1: When did  you go to the USA?
               2 What were you doing when your parents came back from work?
               3 Who ( whom peut aussi se dire) did you give breakfast to?

exercice: What did you do last saturday evening?
                I wasn't thisty, I didn't drink anything
                I was reading when I fell asleep
                The neighbour broke his arm while he was painting his house
                The phone didn't ring at all last night
                The accident happened althouh le wasn't driving very fast

Traduire  ; I suppose your parents were waiting for you at 10
                 Stacy lived in San Francisco for more than one year
                 We were having coffe in the garden when it started raining
                 Shakespeare was born in 1564 and died in 1616
                 I hope I didn't wake you up
                 He was ill two months ago
                 100 years ago( ou bien a century ago) people didn't go to the cinema
                While we were playing bridge, he was having a rest