Svp pouvais-vous m'aider a faire mon devoir d'anglais niveau seocnde:
-donnez une suite e d'environ 70 mots a ce début de recit.
an alabama farmer who was ploughing her fiel found her tractor suddenly blocked by a huge stone lying only one foot below the suface of the most fascinating discovery of her life...
svp je n'ai pas d'imagination aidez moi!!!



Meilleure réponse !
Here deep in the ground was a metal box.The farmer was expecting an old box , a sort of trash bin. She took the metal box out of the ground and tried to open it. The box was locked and the farmer couldn't open it. She was angry  and trew the box far away. Suddenly she heard like a jingle. She looked back and couldn't believe it. Many gold coins were pouring out. She thought Iam rich now!!!
j'ai mis SHE mais tu peux mettre HE
ok ps d'souci c trés gentille merci !!!!