Tu est échoué sur une île tu écrit un message a ta famille tu explique sa fait combien de temps que tu est la bas ( minimum 2 ans) comment tu est arrivé ce que tu fait de tes journée les activité le climats si tu a rencontré des personne si tu a vue des animaux ou des choses étrange .
il doit faire une dizaine de lignes il faudra utilisé le présent perfect est For/Since
ATTENTION INTERDIT AU TRADUCTEUR ♥♥ aidez moi merciiiiiiiiiii



Hello Mum and Dad!
How are you doing? and Dany?I've not talked to you since two years and a half! And I am so sorry! I've lost all my documents and contacts, for about 2 years I have worked in black for a very nice old man, who helped me out. I would have probably died or finish in prison without him!
I still don't remember how I finished here but, I have decided that I would stay here for a long time. I met this man, Diego, with whom I am going to marry. I have managed to have all my documents back, and I have also received a certificate of residence. It has been really hard at the beginning to survive, but now everything's much better.So, as I haven't seen you for a long time, and I have missed you so much and still do! why don't you take some holidays and come over here? My marriage is in 2 months, please come! 

I will wait for your answer,

with love,

Your daughter.
ni les activité ni les personnes que jais rencontré
ah oui j'ai oublie, dany c'est un nom :P

Usually it is very hot here, the all year we have had a full summer climate, but since one week it has been raining a lot, I have missed the rain already! We usually got to the beach at 2p.m. to refresh.

ca marche?
oui mais ta utilisé le présent perfect
il fallait pas?
si justement