Bonjour ces pour mon dm d' anglais j' aurais besoin d' aide svp merci bcp :)

Exercice 1 .

Mettez les phrases suivantes d' abord a la forme interrogative , et a la forme negative

a. Kathy has lost her watch
b. She's asked everybody
c. My parents have tried windsurfing several times
d. They've bought a windsurfing board

exercice 2 .

Utilisez les éléments suivants pour construire des mini dialogues
exemple : you / see an elephant / last weekend
--> Have you ever seen an elephant ? Yes , I saw one last weekend

a. your parents / meet Elton John / in 1997
b. Mary / see Greystoke / last Saturday
c. you/ eat a Christmas pudding / last christmas
d. your mother / miss the bus / yesterday
e. your father / drink an english beer / three days ago

Ces que l' exo 1 qui me pose prob :(
"Has Katy lost her watch ?"
"Is she has asked everyone ?"


Exercice 1 :
a. Has Katy lost her watch? 
b. Is she asked everybody ? 
c. How many times your parents have tried windsurfing ? 
d. What have they brought ?

Exercice 2 :
a. When did your parents meet Elton John ? They meet him in 1997.
b. Had Mary seen Greystoke ? Yes, she saw him last Saturday.
c. Why did your mother bring you at school yesterday ? Because I miss the bus yesterday.
d. Had your father ever drink an english beer ? Yes, she drunk one three days ago.