Have you ever seen a shark in your life?
-Yes, I have
Have ever eaten a kangoroos/ grasshoppers?
-No, I haven't
Have you ever crossed the dessert?
-No, I haven't 'cause it's so big.
Have you ever swum with a crocodile near to you?
Meilleure réponse !
A) Have you already seen a shark ? Yes, I haven('t) (n)ever seen a shark.

B) Have you already eaten grasshopers ? yes ou No, I haven('t)  (n)ever eaten grasshopers

C) Have you already crossed the desert ? Yes ou No, I haven('t) (n)ever crossed the desert

D) Have you already ridden an elephant ? Yes(No) , I haven('t) (n)ever ridden an elephant.

Voila entre parenthéses il y a les négations ! J’espère t'avoir bien aider !