Bonsoir voici un exercice que je n'arrive pas à faire
II. What should a librarian do in these situations:
1. If someone is walking quietly in the library, trying not to make any loud noise .
2. If domeone makes a little noise in the library.
3. If someone is very noisy in the library.
4. If someone steals a book from the library.
5. If someone makes a mess in the library.
6. If someone is talking to a group of people in the library.



1 A librarian would think here is a guy with a good behaviout

2  Alibrarian would ask him to speak more softly in order not to disturb the others

3  A librarian woul ask him to be more respectful of others and not to make so much noise, sometimes he would ask him to leave the library

4 A librarian would ask him to put the book back on the shelves

5 A librarian would call the security of the campus

6  A librarian would tell him he's not at a conference but in a library!