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San Francisco

In 1775: The Spanish mission of San Francisco was founded and a military fort was built. The place was called Yerba Buena.
In 1821: Yerba Buena bacame part of Mexico.
In 1846: After the Mexican-American war, California belonged to the United States. Yerba Buena changed its name to San Francisco.
In 1848: The Gold Rush brought thousands of people to California, looking for gold. In one year, the population increased from 1,000 to 25,000!
In 1869: The Trancontinental Railroad was opened, linking California to the East cost. San Francisco's port was also developed and the city became a centre of international trade.
In 1906: A terrible earthquake hit San Francisco about 3000 people died and 80% of the city was destroyed by fire. 400,000 people were homeless.
In 1960-1980: San Francisco was associated with hipes, "flower power" and a relaxed lifestyle. It aslo bacame a popular tourist resort.
In 1989: A second big earthquake happened, about 70 miles south of San Francisco. There was a lot of damage to buildings and roads in parts of the city.
In 1990: The dot-com boom brought high-tech companies to the San Francisco area.
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