A cat is a little and cute animal. There's a lot of species with a lot of different colours. A cat can be red, white, grey or black. It have two big yellow eyes and a little nose.

J'ai fait un petit truc tout bête, parce que tu n'as pas précisé la longueur de ton devoir.
A cat is a small, domisticated and carnivorous animal. Cats are usually flurry, with different kind of colours. The cat has been domisticated by humans for millenniums due due to companionship and their ability to hunt rats, mice or any kind of vermin.
Cats belong to felids family like tigers, lions, cougars, ... despite they are smaller, they usually have the same skills: strong and flexible body, quick relfexes, sharp claws which are retractable, night vision. They produce different kinds of sounds: they mew, growl, purr, grunt depending of their mood.

Cats are present all around the world and are the most appreciated pets by humans - with dogs. They usually are said to be enemy with dogs because their temper is completely different from dogs' one but in many houses, we can find these two pets which have a peaceful or friendly relationship.