In my holiday I went...tu dis ou t'es allé
and I gone to....with....
I meet.....
I play....with.....
I done all my homework.
Tu dis tout ce que t'a fait.
J'espère t'avoir aider.
Last year we decided my parents and I to go for a trip to Mexico. I was very much excited about the idea of discovering a new culture especially the Mayas and Incas'. The fight lasted thirteen hours. Fortunately we had a stop in between. When we arrived in Mexico it was early in the morning and we had to take a taxi to go to our hotel. Mexico is such a big city!!It's called a Mega city. It took us two hours to arrive, the traffic jam was horrible.
After a long rest , we decided to visit the town.It was sunday and it was sunny.We took the tourist bus  and visited the whole town and the principal monuments. It was so crowded. We enjoyed seeing the mayas and Incas dancing and we also enjoyed eating tacos and my parents enjoyed the mexican beer the corona.It was such a fun.I'll never forget the mexican trip
the flight = le vol d'avion excuse il y eu une erreur de frappe