Bonjour vous voulez bien m'aider merci. La consigne est en piece jointe.jai deja fait le debut es que c bon?la suite serai. Depuis cela me donne envie de vivre en Martinique avec tout ce soleil et pouvoir faire des experince comme celle ci.



The last place I went to was Martinique, I loved going on holiday there because of the sun and I want to re-live the experience I had when I went there. It is a beautiful place with kind people, the ambiance is so nice and I seem to find a smile everywhere I go. Since my holiday there, I would like to go live there. The place really left a mark on my heart. Martinique is a place where my dreams can come true, it's a tropical place where I feel at home. It's so welcoming and the people there are so much more different than here. So many things in my life could be better if I were to go live in such a place. I am fed up of living in the same place, with the same people and the same environment. I was so upset when I had to leave this amazing place, all I wanted to do was never go back. I had a fantastic time there with all the spectacular views and delicious food. I won't give up trying to fulfill my dreams. I recommend everybody to go and visit Martinique ! 
- Il n y a pas de fautes, je suis anglaise, tu peux me faire confiance, j'espère t'avoir aidé :)