Bonjour , j'ai besoins beaucoups d'aide car j'ai un dm d'anglais dont c'est une compréhension orale , les 2 derniers trimestre j'avais que des 0/20 en compréhension orale car ça parle trop vite et on comprend pas trop.

Ps : c'est la p116 On target 2nd

Song :

1 ) Who is Gillian Harrington ?
2) What does she blame the government for ?
3) Terrible tragedies happen every day because of lack of communication between different govemment services. The presenter gives 3 examples. What are they ?
4) According to Gillian Harrington, What are the drawbacks of this "mania for databases" ?
5) She suggests that the government should implement some restrictions. What are they?
6)Does she think that ID cards will be introduced in Britain? Why/Why not ?

Merci d'avance



1. Gillian Harrington is an opposition spokes person on home affairs.

2. She blames the government of collecting all the personal data concerning the citizens and allowing all the different departments to share it between each others.

3.  These terrible tragedies are :Children abuse, killing and injuries .

mais tu a trouver les 3 derniere questions ? :)
4.According to Gillian Harrington, the drawbacks of this "mania for databases" are being intrusive and enormously expensive
5. not to being allowed to keep on persons DNA on file if they are not convicted of the crime they are charged with .
5. not to being allowed to keep records on people's phone calls , texts or e-mails without having special permissions to do so.
No she doesn't , because she thinks that would need creating national Identity register and the coast will be very high .