Meilleure réponse !
Last summer, I had a vacation. I travelled with my family to Cyprus. It is a small country, actually an island in the Mediterranean Sea, and I liked it. The weather was fantastic. We stayed in several beautiful hotels by the sea-side. I bought a lot of souvenirs. I ate in several restaurants and I tried different dishes. I really had a good time there and I enjoyed my vacation very much. I would love to go there again .
Sorry Gem , you can SAY " I brought a lot of souvenirs home with me " because "brought" is the past tense of "bring" and that makes sense "logique".
"bought" is the past tense of "buy" and we buy souvenirs , don't we?
pardon oui bring / brought buy / bought
No problem Gem , we are here to learn, aren't we? ;) Have a nice week-end
thank you you too