Quelqu'un peut me faire ce devoir que je dois rendre demain please :)
C'est urgent ...

je ne pas compris que doi tu faire au juste
la prof nous a balancé ça
il faut faire une suite
In the sixties, Black American were not allowed to mix with the white


Ann Cooper tells us about the sixties , she says: " In the sixties, black american people 
weren't allowed to vote. 
They had to keep away from white women they coun't marry a white person.
They couln't go to the same cinemas as white people nor sit on the same benchences, . There were white school and black schools, toilets for white and toilettes for blanck. Even the benches in the parks were separated .It was written bench for white and on some others bench for black. The buses were also separated. In the front places were for whites and the blacks has to sit in the back of the bus.It was a very hard time for black people and thanks to the President Knnedy and to Martin Luther kings things have changed