faire un dialogue entre une serveuse et un client(au resto) de 15 lignes pour un dîner


si vous m'aidez, je vous noterai 5 étoiles! pitié!!!!!!!!!!!



Serveuse : Hello Mr.

Client : Hi! Can I have a table ?

Serveuse : For how many people ?

Client : I'm alone

Serveuse : Okay, follow me please.

Serveuse : Here's your table and here is the menu. What would you like to drink ?

Client : Can I have white wine ?

Serveuse :
Well sure, I bring it in a few minutes

Serveuse : Are you ready to order ?

Client :
What do you recommend ?

Serveuse : I recommend the dish of the day. A Sunday roast and Yorkshire pudding

Client : So I'll take that

Serveuse :
What do you want for dessert?

Client : I'll take a chocolate cake. Can I have the bill please ?

Serveuse :
I'll be back. You must pay $ 27

Client :
Keep the change ! And thank you very much, it was delicious. Goodbye