Bonjour pouvez vous m'aider :
Mettez le verbe entre parenthèses au présent simple, au prétérit modal ou au pluperfect modal :
1)He wishes the airline (tell) him about the flight cancellation before
2) I would have called earlier , if only (know) how important it was.
3)If she (want) , we can talk about it after work .
4)They'd rather he (write) before hearing the news.
5)If the team (play) better , it woudn't lose so often.
6)We'd rather she (not-come) next week.
7)It's high time he (leave) home and (settle down).
8)I only wish they (not live) so far away.



Ce n'est pas ma spécialité, je donne ce que je pense sans garantie.
1) tells
2) I have known
3) wants
4) wrote
5) had played 
6) didn't come
7) leaves and settles down
8) don't live

He wishes the airline has told him...
if only I had known
if she wants 
he wrote
if the team played better
it's high time we left home and settled
I only wish they didn't live so far away