Bonjour, j'aurais besoin d'aide, ou d'idées en anglais pour pouvoir me débloquer merci
voici la consigne : You are journalist who has spent many years in the West with a native American tribe. You decide to write an article on what happened to them ( about 100 words). You illustrate your article which the following pictures
Use the preterit and the past perfect.


Vois êtes une journaliste qui a passé quelques années dans l'Ouest Avec une Tribu Amérindienne . Vous décidez d'écrire un article sur ce qu'il s'est passer (en 100 mots). Vous illustrerez l'article avec les images suivante. Utilisez le *preterit* et passez à la perfection


 I lived among a tribe of Native Americans called the Apaches.  The relationship between them and white people was quite peaceful and commerce-oriented at the very beginning. The Native Americans were quite happy to show their culture to us and curious about us. However, things have gotten worse and worse over years because we started to conquer West territories.  During the gold rush, more and more white people settled in Apaches’ territories. Then the army came and slaughtered them in order to force them to move. Years after years, the Apaches had to move to the North and during their exile, many of them died. That cruel destiny made them lose their own culture.
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