-bonjour madame je voudrais une pizza et un vert d'eau SVP.
-d'accord je vous apporte ça.
(2 minutes plus tarp)
-tenez voilas votre pizza et le vert d'eau.
-ça feras 15 euros SVP
-au revoir.

voila un petit d'ialogue!!!!
-Hi !
-May I take your order?
-Yes. I'd like the chicken and a side order of corn.
-And what would you like to drink?
-I'd like a cup of coffee, please.
-Would you like something for dessert?
-Yes, I'll have the pancakes , please.
-Could we have the check, please?
- Yes, here it is.
- Hmm. $45.25. Here you are.
-Thank you. Come again.
-Thank you. Goodbye