"A young woman was walking down a dark
and empty street,when.." je dois trouver une suite aider moi svp

mmh.. when a man call her, he believed that she was the new cooker, and she was happy to Cook, so she went with the man. C'est bon, pas trop court ? Besoin d'une traduction ?
mersi mais sa doit etre une histoire effrayante ...


"... when a man arrive and says to the young woman :
-What do you do here? It´s dangerous. Come back to your home
-Oh really? I'm sorry but I'm lost"
The man say to the woman where is the good road. So the woman return to her home. "
Meilleure réponse !
When.. She saw a dangerous dog, his owner was a vagrant and he hasn't any people since a long time... The woman was trying to speed her walk, but the man catched her and forced her to walk with him, after a long walk, they arrived in a little house.. He said: sit down. And the vagrant explain his plan... Ca l'fais ?