Bonsoir, j'ai besoin d'aide pour un devoirs qu'il faut que je rende jeudi.
Voici la consigne :
Il faut écrire une lettre (en anglais bien sûr). Il faut imaginer que nous ne sommes pas chez nous (en colonie, voyage scolaire, échange scolaire, étude dans un autre pays, déportation pendant la guerre...), il faut décrire notre environnement(le voyage, la famille d'accueil...), dire ce qu'il ce passe( ou c'est passé).
En utilisant la voix passive !!!

Merci beaucouuup d'avaance !!!



Dear mum, dear dad;

We arrived to London early in the morning. We were taken to the families in which we were supposed to stay .
We were received with warmth and were invited to have a drink . The family where I stay is quite nice . I was asked to choose the bedroom where I was supposed to sleep.
In the morning, I was awoken by a terrible noise. . I was terrified but I was soon relaxed 
Indeed breakfast had been prepared for me and was taken to my room.The noise was only a big knock on the door!!
During the day many monuments were visited , The Tower of London, Saint Paul's Cathedral , Big Ben and many others.I wish I had taken my camera but anyway some photos were taken with my mobile and were sent to you.
After the visit lunch was taken in a park, a beautiful park . In the afternoon, we were asked to return to the bus and we were taken for an other place, I don't really remember the name. It's where wax figures are seen and admired. Is it Tissot? Something like that I suppose.

oK MUM! OK DAD IT iS TIME FOR ME TO KISS YOU GOOD BYE. I miss you but I'm so happy to had the opportunity to visit London.
Will I be taken here an other time? 

Merci beaucoup pour ton aide Noussa30
de rien c avec plaisir