Aider à faire un texte en anglais je dois expliquer mon dernier concert svp j'en ai besoin pour demain :(

expliquer quoi ? ce que tu as ressenti? comment ça s'est passé ? il faudrait que tu donnes des explications supplémentaires, ça nous aiderait ;)
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Meilleure réponse !
My last concert took place in december. .My mother bought me a concert knowing I was so fond of Stromae music and songs.I was so excited. I rang up my friends to tell them the news and I was surprised because they told me they were going to the concert too.
So we decided to go together and we fixed a meeting for the next saturday at 7 pm; the concer tbeginning at 10. We wanted to get there early to have the best places. 
The environnement was electrical.. Many teens were queuing but also oldre people and even seniors.Stromae is a singer for all generations.I thought.
Once inside the hudge hall, , we found a place very close the stage .We wanted to be as close as possible to try to shake hands and give kisses to the beuatiful singer. We all loved him so much.Suddenly hourras went from all the places and here he was : S T RO MA E!!!we all shouted , Sromae, again and agin and we became crazy, shouting and screaming and even crying. We sang and dances all night on , again and again , we didn't feel tired at all! We were sweatind like horses . Demoniac girls adults would think. . And so?  We had such a good time full of excitement and fun. I will never forget that concert ....