Meilleure réponse !
Last week I decided to invite my friend Susan for dinner . I went to the supermarket and I bought lots of groceries and some lovely shrimps. At the afternoon around 4:00 pm I was cooking the food , the sun was shining and the weather was perfect . I went to open the back door and the window of my kitchen , but when I came back I didn't find the shrimps . I looked every where but I couldn't find it . I looked out of the window I saw my cat was sitting on the tree and was enjoying eating my shrimps. I went out to the garden , I called her down but she didn't respond to me . I tried to jump on the tree but I couldn't . Even-thou I was so mad , I just laughed and I walked away to let her enjoy her meal . I went back to the market and I bought more shrimps again and my night ended up happily with my friend Susan. 
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