- He is an English artist.
- He was born in Bradford, England on 19th July 1937.

- He went to Bradford Grammar School then attended Bradford College and he got graduated from the Royal College of Arts in London.

- During his visit to California he completed some in paintings acrylics of swimming pools.

- He lived in Los Angeles, California from 1964 to 1968 and in Paris, France during the 1970's.

- He was a good friend with fellow artist Andy Warhol.

- He experimented with photo-collage joining and combining photos to form a patchwork image.

- He is fascinated with Pablo Picasso.
- He is an avid user of the Brushes iPhone application. He draws portraits and send them to his friends.

- He has designed lots of costumes for operas. 

- He is a gay and he doesn't hide it .

- His paintings worth fortunes and it sells very well.

-  Some says he is the most popular English artist of the 20th century.