Décrire l'image 1 puis 2 en Anglais
En répondant
Quesque c'est ?
Ce que je vois
Ce que je comprend?
sur chaque image.

sur l'image 2 tu peux dire qie cest une dame qui aide un enfant en difficulter dans les payes pauvres je pense
pour la 3 c une image dune association ou un truc comme sa pour que les enfants aient tous le sourire
la 1 je pense que c des personnes qui construisent des ecoles ou des maisons pour des personnes dans les pays pauvres
je ne suis pas sur par contre mais essaye de regarder quelques pages plus loing de ton livre ou vers la fin sa toi etre ecrit


In picture one I can see three teenagres. Two boys and a girl.

They are working and trying to pull up pieces of wood  . They may be trying to build a wooden house  The teenagers are volonteers who have decided to give some of their time in helping other people from poor counties.Here they are in Sri Lanka

in the second picture a white woman is sitting in front of children who mare pupils becacause they are wearing uniforms. The woman seems to be teaching and explaining a lesson to the pupils in front of her.This woman is also a volonteer whose aim is to help sri lankese children get a better education.
Meilleure réponse !
On the left picture, there is a group of  two teenagers and a woman working . They are manipulating wood so we can guess that they are carpenters .They may be constructing a house.They may be poor and so, do that to earn a living.
On the other picture, there are students( two girls) who are being thought by a teacher .They seem joyful .It may be a school .
 I think the message passed behind these two pictures is to show discrimination and poverty in some countries. Some have the right to education while other don't .