A.) He hided the body underneath the floor of his room .

b.) He finished hiding it , at 4:00 am .

c.) Three policemen knocked at the door then.

d.) He wasn't afraid because he had done it very carefully and he hadn't kept any evidence against him, not even a blood drop. 

e.) The police had come to the house because a neighbor had heard somebody scream and had thought something terrible had happened, so he called the police.

f.) He convinced the police that nothing was wrong by 
smiling and telling them to come in then he told them that he had screamed because of a bad dream. The old man, he said, was away in the country. He told them to look around, to look everywhere. He took them to his room. He showed them his gold. Then He brought some chairs into the room and put them down over the spot where the body of the victim lay. He told the policemen to sit down and rest a moment. The policemen were satisfied.

g.) He heard a ringing in his ears.

h.) To hide the noise he
 talked more  and more to try to eliminate the feeling and he talked louder and louder.  He talked more quickly. He talked more loudly, he stood up and began to argue  about stupid things. He shouted, He moved his arms about. He walked around the room quickly . He screamed,and he shouted! 

i.) The policemen discovered the body , after he couldn't any more handle the noise of the victim's heart , accordingly he
 screamed, "do not pretend  any more! He admitted what he did! Then he pulled up the boards and showing them the body.