ecrire une lettre en anglais pour une famille d'acceuil en australie en précisent dedans des activités que je voulait le faire en australie comme (melbourne cricket ground et healesville sanctuary) en indiquant aussi ma personalité mes goûts et mes experiences




Dear family,

I can't wait to come to Australia and spend a year with you.

It's going to be my first experience abroad  and I really hope I will cope with all the new things I'll discover this year, so fr away from my homeland.

I hope the entire family will be pleased with my behaviour. I 'm a very socializing type of person and I'm always ready to give a hand, no matter what the problem is.
 I love sports and I practise swimming and tennis on a regular basis in France. So I wonder if it would be possible to discover cricket while I'm in Australia. I woulf also like to learn how to surf as we live along the coast.
I would also like to visit some unavoidable spots if it's possible. I would like to visit Melbourne and also Healesville Sanctuary.  But there might be other places to be seen and I reckon a bit on you to give me the appropriate advises.

I'm looking forward to hearing from you,