Meilleure réponse !
On suppose que ce sont deux personnages ( à toi de choisir leurs prenoms ) 
1ere : hi, (prenom) how are you ?
2eme: i'm not very fine today .
1ere : What is happening?
2eme : i'm not well right now 
1ere : Sorry. Can i do something inorder to help you ? 
2eme : can you please walk my dog ? 
1ere : yes !! of course .
2eme: thanks very much
1ere : you're welcome . Good day .
- Hi!
- You have pain where?
- In leg
- OK and you have what?
- a sprain(infringement)
- oh and your dog?
- what?
- you are going not to be able to walk him(it)
- oh thin is - what you could make him(it) he(it) likes you?
- OK I know that your dog it is the apple of your eyes
- thank you very much
- but it is in his(her,its) that serves the friends