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I chose the picture number two by Dennis stock of James Dean
Is a black and white picture because it in summer made in the 50s
In the streets of an New York City
In the fore ground, we see a man with a black jacket and the look in the space and in the back ground; we see a street with big building and stores, nd people which walks in the street is New York City.

The way where from people are to dress confirms us that we are in the fifties with the women in hair court and coats. The taxi which we see to the right of the witch also confirms it to us it is a taxi of NEW YORK

In my opinion one with the impression that the man American actor James Dean is worried about the picture.
James Dean was born in thousand nine hundred thirty-one a raised on a farm by his aunt and uncle in Fairmount Indiana. After grade school, he moved to New York to pursue his dream of acting.
He is a cultural icon of teenage disillusionment, as expressed in the title of his most celebrated film, Rebel Without a Cause , in which he starred as troubled teenager Jim Stark. The other two roles that defined his stardom were loner Cal Trask in East of Eden and surly ranch hand Jett Rink in Giant . Dean's enduring fame and popularity rest on his performances in only these three films, all leading roles.
While struggling to get jobs in Hollywood, Dean also worked as a parking lot attendant at CBS Studios, during which time he met Rogers Brackett, a radio director for an advertising agency, who offered him professional help and guidance in his chosen career, as well as a place to stay.
One early role, for the CBS series Omnibus in the episode "Glory in the Flower", saw Dean portraying the type of disaffected youth he would later immortalize in Rebel Without a Cause.
Dean's premature death in a car crash cemented his legendary status. He became the first actor to receive a posthumous Academy Award nomination for Best Actor, and remains the only actor to have had two posthumous acting nominations.
James Dean is an icon by the film and photographs made by Dennis stock that much in 1950.
Dean’s first television experience came in the form of a 1950 Pepsi commercial.
For young people coming of age, Dean was someone they could easily identify with an outsider a loner.
His screen portrayals symbolized the rebelliousness of adolescence.
American teenagers of the mid-1950s, when James Dean's major films were made, identified with Dean and the roles he played, especially that of Jim Stark in Rebel Without A Cause.
Today, Dean is often considered an icon because of his "experimental" take on life, which included his ambivalent sexuality
There have been several claims that Dean has had sexual relationships with both men and women
Screenwriter Gavin Lambert, himself gay and part of the Hollywood gay circles, described Dean as being gay.

James Dean had a classic greaser look with slicked-back hair, jeans and a high white t-shirt and a windbreaker.
And yet as iconic a star as Dean has become, much of the public view of the brooding young man from Indiana, was in fact formed not by his singular onscreen.
Presence in giant, East of Eden or even rebel without but by a series of remarkable pictures made in fifties by the photographer Denis Stock.
Longing to return to the "liberating prospects" of motor racing, James Dean was scheduled to compete at a racing event in Salinas, California
Dean was stopped and ticketed by California Highway Patrolman
Dean, who was driving at a reported speed

He died in a car crash. James Dean was killed almost immediately from the impact from a broken neck. He was 24. His very brief career, violent death and highly publicized funeral transformed him into a cult object of apparently timeless fascination. Interred at Park Cemetery, Fairmount, Indiana, USA.
I chose this photo because I find it well done.
I also chose this image, because I did not like three other images.
I took this picture because I knew by name James Dean but no more so I wanted to learn more about the actor so well known.