Au dernier paragraphe il y a un t à "parent" sinon je n'ai pas remarqué d'autres erreurs
Meilleure réponse !
The school at home has some inconveniences but also advantages. First of all, the child does not get used to the crowd and risks to develop ill-being in the presence of other people, but those who benefit from the home schooling does not know the competition and therefore, does not evolve only because there is emulation and pleasure. Furthermore, because of their not formation, the parents possess as everyone gaps in some school subjects, either subjects that they master more or less the some that the others and necessarily, the child will have the same gaps then because this part will have been less studied, however regular controls made by the Department of Education make sure that the whole program is learned; a free support is supplied by the CNED to the teaching parents at home. On the other hand, the child will be next to no more other children in his activities because the few” school trips” that he will make will be with his parents, besides he needs to interact with the other children whether it is in a friendly or in a conflicting way, he needs to confront with someone .even if the parent isn't a teacher,he is working for the success of a single pupil there and thus the pupil progresses faster because the education is adapted to him and only him. Finally the school at home can be a solution for some parent, but notbeing parents I do not know if it would be a good solution for my future children.
Voilà je crois qu'il y a quelques confusions vers la fin du texte en français tu devrais vérifier ça à part ça quelques petits oublis :)