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Hello then at first here are some explanations of the cathédral which we are going to visit. 
The cathedral Notre-Dame of Strasbourg is a Roman catholic cathedral built in Strasbourg, representative of the Gothic architecture. The beginning of the construction began in 1176 and ended in 1439.
We are going to begin around of the cathédral, on your left there is a spiral staircase which leads to the platform. 
To the right we can see the arrow of the north tower which peaks in 142,11 meters above ground level.
Now we are going to bring in inside this church. 
We are going to cross the main portal which is in front of you. 
Now there is necessary to walk until the majestic the hotel and in front of you are colored stained-glass windows! 
Over us is the second floor which is occupied by the big rosette, which is purely decorative! 
At the level of the transept to the right there is a famous astronomical clock and to the left there is a remarkable column of the Angels. 
We are going to turn right to admire the big organ of the cathedral, which we see near the Gospel is the most famous of his century. He is situated in the nave, hung on an internal wall.
Over bows, which gather pillars, the architect placed a remarkable gallery, called Triforium, 
The visit is ended I invite you to turn back, and to go out of the cathédral by the nave
Merci beaucoup je ne sais pas comment tu as fais !!
trafalgar square ça veut dire quoi svp ?
Trafalgar Square est une place très célèbre de Westminster à Londres
Ta compris ?
Oui merci !